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Extreme Recipe Card Makeover

I have been wanting to make apple pie for over a month now. My mom always made it for my birthday in the middle of October but since I moved away from home I needed to learn how to make it for myself. There are a lot of perks to living in Hawaii but nothing can replace the feeling of Autumn in the Midwest.  I miss the leaves changing colors and littering the ground. I miss seeing apple cider stands and pumpkin patches. I get a little homesick but there is one thing that helps; making my mom’s homemade apple pie. After a few hours of peeling, cutting, mixing and baking, success was achieved… Two Beautiful Apple Pies. Then tragedy struck! As I was taking the pie out of the oven and transferring it from the stove top to the cooling rack, it slid out of my hands and onto the floor. To say I was devastated is an understatement. After I regained my composure, I was thankful I still had one pie intact to bring with me to a dinner party the next night. I fully recovered when my pie was a huge hit and my friend begged me to make another. She wasn’t going to have to twist my arm for me to make it again.

I have been using this photo copied recipe from my mom’s cookbook. This poor thing has been splattered on, scribbled on and torn so I thought it needed a makeover with a little digital scrapbooking magic.



I have no idea which book this recipe came from but as the original recipe states we can thank Maggie Q. Gardner from Rocky Mount, VA for it.  And of course my mom for making some alterations to it that make it so wonderfully delicious.

I am not out to turn this into a food blog but I do want to share my scrapbook recipe cards. I do not design any of the elements and unfortunately I have not kept track of where I got them or who designed them. I can tell you the fonts I used are Pea Devon and Pea Devon Caps:
I get the cutest fonts from Free Scrapbook Fonts!
Thanks Amanda!

Until next time,