I have been wanting to make apple pie for over a month now. My mom always made it for my birthday in the middle of October but since I moved away from home I needed to learn how to make it for myself. There are a lot of perks to living in Hawaii but nothing can replace the feeling of Autumn in the Midwest.  I miss the leaves changing colors and littering the ground. I miss seeing apple cider stands and pumpkin patches. I get a little homesick but there is one thing that helps; making my mom’s homemade apple pie. After a few hours of peeling, cutting, mixing and baking, success was achieved… Two Beautiful Apple Pies. Then tragedy struck! As I was taking the pie out of the oven and transferring it from the stove top to the cooling rack, it slid out of my hands and onto the floor. To say I was devastated is an understatement. After I regained my composure, I was thankful I still had one pie intact to bring with me to a dinner party the next night. I fully recovered when my pie was a huge hit and my friend begged me to make another. She wasn’t going to have to twist my arm for me to make it again.

I have been using this photo copied recipe from my mom’s cookbook. This poor thing has been splattered on, scribbled on and torn so I thought it needed a makeover with a little digital scrapbooking magic.



I have no idea which book this recipe came from but as the original recipe states we can thank Maggie Q. Gardner from Rocky Mount, VA for it.  And of course my mom for making some alterations to it that make it so wonderfully delicious.

I am not out to turn this into a food blog but I do want to share my scrapbook recipe cards. I do not design any of the elements and unfortunately I have not kept track of where I got them or who designed them. I can tell you the fonts I used are Pea Devon and Pea Devon Caps:
I get the cutest fonts from Free Scrapbook Fonts! kevinandamanda.com/fonts
Thanks Amanda!

Until next time,


On Saturday my girlfriends and I got together for our first monthly Crafturday.  We have started a tradition of picking out a craft to do together for a girl’s day out.  This month was Tie Dye.  I gathered the supplies and had the girls bring whatever they wanted to dye.  It was a huge success!

I thought I would give a tutorial on how we did our dying for those of you that would like to host your own get together. I recommend doing this in a group with the cost of supplies for multiple colors and the effort of mixing everything up you might as well do a lot of items.

Supplies we used:

RIT liquid dye ($3.99) 8 oz. bottle makes 6 gallons

RIT powder dye ($2.29) one package makes 3 gallons

White items to dye (at least 60% cotton)

Rubber bands/thread/dental floss for wrapping

Buckets/Squirt Bottles

Plastic bags


FOLLOW the basic tie dying instructions on the RIT site.

CREATE your patterns.  Check out the images below for links to instructions on each pattern.  Also check out Art, Craft & Design Blog for instructional videos.

PRE-WASH all items ahead of time.

WEAR rubber gloves.  I forgot to put gloves on when I did my first item.  I used orange and I ended up with Oompa Loompa hands.

BATH VS. BOTTLE I found that dunking in the bath gave brighter, more vibrant results than squirting with the bottle but had more control over where the dye went with the bottles.  Use a higher concentration of dye with the bottles for better results.

WRAP the items in plastic bags and let sit.  If hot sun is available sit outside for 4-5 hours otherwise let sit for 24 hours.

RINSE items in cold water to remove excess dye.  Remove rubber bands and rinse in cold water again.

WASH in warm water with detergent and machine or hang dry.

I will give an update as to how these stand up through washings and how much they fade.

Our creations (Titles are linked to instructions):

Shibori/Side Shibori

Savannah did the top left by stitching the sides as shown in the Side Shibori.  I created the bottom left and onesie by stitching across the bottom and sleeves.


Here are a few examples of the most classic tie dye technique, circles.  Savannah and I tried the side circle while Joni went circle crazy on her fitted sheet that turned out amazing. Cassie’s colorful bulls eye was very vibrant and we learned from Joni and Savannah’s random circles that lots of rubber bands and colors makes for a beautiful kaleidoscope.  Lastly, I tried the random circles in a solid color.  I found to achieve the defined white circles tie the rubber bands really tight.

Accordion Fold

With 3 new babies in our group this year Emily, Jamie and Adriane had to do some onesies for the kiddos.  These were all done on a diagonal.  Savannah and Cassie had better success with their t-shirts than Adriane and I had with our sweatshirts.  We ended up with more white on them then we had wanted.  We should have let them soak up more dye.  Thanks to Joni’s suggestion I decided to re-fold mine the opposite way to achieve a plaid effect and gave it another dunk.  The tanks were done similarly but more randomly gathered than precisely folded back and forth.


Jamie ended up with an adorable bed sheet for her changing table and Adriane got an incredible result with this vibrant onesie.

There are the results of our wonderful craft day.  We had so much fun together and we are already talking about our December Crafturday as well as doing Tie Dye again.  Please comment with any questions or comments.  I would love to see your results from your Tie Dye adventures.

Diving in…

I am ready to get on the blogging train again.  After quitting my job this year to be home with my husband more upon his return from Iraq, I have found that I have extra time to craft again.  My desire to share my ideas with others has taken over my thoughts.

My main goals will be teaching craft tutorials, sharing my creative endeavors, reviewing products I find and trying out projects I find in magazines or online and letting you know if they are really doable with the time, money and skill level they state.

I am experienced in a variety of crafting projects including scrapbooking and card making.  I am a novice sewer (not sure that really is a word but to call myself a seamstress doesn’t sound quite right) learning to make clothes from patterns and other sewing projects.  I love home decor and interior design.  I hope I get the opportunity to pursue this as a career someday but for now I will focus on projects around the house.  I am wanting to try my hand at carpentry and woodworking so you will have to bear with me as I learn as I go on this one.

If you have an idea for a project you would like me to try or show you how to do, please suggest it.  I look forward to going on this journey and seeing what crafty things will transpire.